Summer 2020 summary

Holiday Orchestra’s summer 2020 season is now over. We have enjoyed a brilliant Junior
(zoom) choir, an upbeat Grade 5 Theory taster course and finally the triumph of the Young
Person’s Guide to Holiday Orchestra. I think Henry Purcell would be really proud if he could
hear his music played by 76 children, all recorded separately but all aware that they were part
of a greater whole.
Many, many thanks are due to everyone who has made it possible for Holiday Orchestra to
come together at this difficult time. We have had to learn a lot about virtual orchestras, zoom
choirs and live zoom teaching and also how to handle all this by website and email but it has
really been worth it.
Thanks therefore to Russell Keable, Stephen Eglen, Josh Kemp, Kirsty Body, Rebecca
Duckworth, all the other tutors, the Holiday Orchestra Committee and all the parents and their
wonderful children for keeping music alive with this project.
Holiday Orchestra will continue to do whatever is possible according to events and
developments. If we have to stay ‘virtual’ for a while we will, but will also take the first
opportunity to meet in reality and make music together.

With best wishes from all of us,
Lydia Hill, Chairman.