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  • Grade 5 Theory: The Basics

    Please note this course is now full. If you sign up now you will be added to a waiting list.

    This course consists of four online (Zoom) lessons given by Kirsty Body. These will be of one hour each day, from 14:00 to 15:00 (waiting room open from 13:50), from Monday 24th August to Thursday 27th August.

    Kirsty will cover the important basics of Grade 5 Theory, just as she has at Holiday Orchestra courses at West Road. She is offering to do this with no payment, for which we are very grateful.

    As part of her 'Harmonia Music' enterprise, Kirsty offers Grade 5 Theory classes online to cover the whole syllabus at very reasonable cost, so anyone who wishes to go beyond the basic four hours can get in touch with Kirsty afterwards to complete Grade 5 privately. (There will be a special Holiday Orchestra follow-up course.)

    For this course children will need to be Grade 4 (Practical) on any instrument and to be reading music at that level. Given the limitations of online teaching, we are sorry to have to cap this course at 25 participants.