Standards of Musicianship

Holiday Orchestra holds no auditions. Anyone from seven years upwards who plays a musical instrument or who enjoys singing can take part. The only stipulation is that participants should have reached the general standard of musicianship (music reading included) for the section(s) they enter so as to be fair to other players.

These standards are as follows (but may vary slightly):

Section Required Standard
Training Strings (age 7+) Up to Grade 2
Minimum one year’s playing experience is essential
Training Band (age 7+) Grade 1+
Minimum one year’s playing experience is essential
Intermediate Strings Grade 2+
Intermediate Band Grade 3+
Upper Strings Grade 4+
Upper Band Grade 5+
Recorder Ensembles grade 1+  Minimum 1 year playing experience.
Choir (9+) None
Djembe drumming None
Gamelan None but children must be aged 8 or over
Advanced Gamelan Must have attended at least one Gamelan session on a previous course
Percussion (age 7+) None
Music Games None
Choir (7+) None
Choir (10+) None
Lower Orchestra Grade 4+
Upper Orchestra Grade 6+
Jazz Workshop Grade 3+ on first instrument
Brass Workshop Grade 5+ on brass instrument
Upper Jazz workshop Grade 6+ on first instrument