Possibilities for 2020

Dear friends of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra

Holiday Orchestra is watching and waiting for an opportunity for us all
to make music together once again. There are, of course, many problems.
This year’s summer course in late August cannot go ahead so we are
looking at possibilities for distance participation. We would like to
organise a ‘virtual orchestra’, where one piece of music is chosen,
parts for all instruments and various levels of difficulty can be
downloaded, parents of individual children can send us a recording
(with or without video) of them playing their part, and we will put it
together to make an orchestra. This requires considerable time,
expertise and sophisticated equipment, which we might not be able to

Failing this, we could go for the simpler alternative of just asking
parents and carers to help children in various categories to make
recordings of their solo playing of any music they really love, with
video if possible, to send them to us and we will make a
‘presentation’of these solo offerings. This of course loses the
‘togetherness’ that is at the heart of Holiday Orchestra, but music
must go on, and combining individual performances to create a group
offering may be the next best thing in these difficult circumstances.
We will let you know in good time which way Holiday Orchestra is

Then, in hopes that schools will be running, that we won’t be in the
middle of a second peak, and that the fear of being told to
self-isolate in the event of possible contact will not be too acute, we
are thinking of the possibility of a single ‘orchestra day’ in the
October half-term holiday. Also we really hope to be able to run
something like a normal Christmas Course, sadly probably without
choirs. Both of these possible events require large numbers of people
being together indoors, which may still be impossible. However, even an
outdoor ‘percussion day’ would be an enjoyable release of musical

We will return to full strength one day, and even if your children are
taking a bit of a musical break, there will be a place for all of us at
Holiday Orchestra next year. Our message of ‘Make Music, Make Friends’
will not be lost.

With very best wishes,

Lydia Hill, Chairman of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra Association