Please come and join in with us

Dear Holiday Orchestra families

It’s lovely to see so many children booked for our morning course next week. There are still spaces so it’s not too late to book, here.

But we’d like to draw your attention to our afternoon sessions, and particularly the family events. The number of families booked for these so far will struggle to make a happy sound and would really like you to join them and swell their numbers. The weather forecast for next week isn’t great, so please replace your outdoor plans with our sunny atmosphere for a few afternoons! For the family fun sing on Monday and the percussion party on Wednesday you just need to bring yourselves and your enthusiasm. For the folk tune session, if you or your children play instruments which you can bring that’s great but if not don’t worry, come along as singers anyway. Remember too that for our purposes “family” means a specified adult with one or more children aged 6+, so bring your children’s friends along too.

The booking form for afternoon sessions is here. If you’d like to book it would help us if you could fill in the form by the end of Thursday – we need this for the family fun sing as it’s on the first day of the course so the tutor needs definite numbers before the weekend; for the other sessions it’s helpful but less essential.

We look forward to seeing you next week, and to playing and singing with you.

Fiona Rutter
Bookings Secretary