Plans for Easter 2022

Hello to all friends of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra.

After the severe disappointment of losing our Christmas Course to the fast-spreading but not-yet- understood “omicron” variant of Covid-19, we are determined to produce an Easter Course of similar quality.

Those of you who are familiar with Holiday Orchestra from before the pandemic will remember that our Easter Courses cater slightly more for the younger children because many of the older ones have public exams in the summer term and cannot spare the time for Holiday Orchestra. Traditionally, therefore, there have been busy mornings but no afternoon sessions and no full orchestras. This time we have been fortunate to be able to book the West Road Concert Hall for four full days and have decided to run two courses. One will be in the mornings, similar to the one we lost at Christmas. The other will be in the afternoons, very different, with separate booking and fees and with room for some participation by parents and carers, thus allowing accompanied adults to taste a little of the Holiday Orchestra magic. Details are still to be confirmed but it should include a Grade 2 – 5 orchestra, a recorder consort and several one-off events. We hope in this way to be able to fill some of the gaps left by Covid mitigation rules and perhaps also to achieve a better financial outcome. We think these afternoons should be great fun and will help us all to move back towards pre-Covid normality. The mornings, of course, will be for children only, and will be the mixture of happiness and excellence that we always aim for. The wonderful David Minchin will be our Course Director.

The Easter Course(s) will run from the 4th to the 7th of April so do put these dates in your diary. Full details and booking forms will be available on or close to the 20th of February. All members will be informed by email when the booking opens.

Looking forward to seeing you once again at West Road,

yours, Lydia Hill (Chairman).