Easter 2020 cancellation

Dear Parents and Carers, members of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra,

We are very sorry to have to say that following the developments of the
Covid-19 virus outbreak we feel we have no alternative but to cancel this
Easter’s Course. We see no possibility of keeping everyone safe, so we must
join the huge number of organisations in temporarily shutting down. Apart
from direct concern for Holiday Orchestra staff, children and their
families there is also our responsibility to delay spread within the
population so that the NHS will be able to look after more people overall.

As far as we know, this is the first time that Holiday Orchestra has had to
cancel a course in its 67 year history and we have every intention of
coming back as soon as possible. We will have to watch forecasts when
planning for the Summer and will keep you all informed via email and the

Many of you have already booked places for this Easter Course and you will
be contacted by email concerning repayment of fees. The Committee have
agreed that all tutors who had already been booked for this course should
be paid in full.

This is a difficult time and maybe represents a new normality. However, the
importance of music is greater than ever in sustaining the human spirit, so
make as much music as you can and come back to Holiday Orchestra at the
first opportunity.

Look after yourselves,

Lydia Hill (Chairman), David Minchin (Course Director) and Russell Keable
(Music Director)