Hello to all friends of Holiday Orchestra.
Life with SARS-CoV-19 is still a life without personal contact, and so we must continue to make music at a distance. With this in mind we have put together a course for the Christmas holidays with as much interaction as our tutors can invent. It will all be ‘live’ teaching on ‘Zoom’ with an accent on fun and participation.

There will be two levels each of band groups, string groups and choirs. These sessions will be for one hour each on all four days.
There will also be two jazz workshops for one hour each on the middle two days.
The jazz, strings and band Zoom groups will include optional individual recordings, probably audio-only, to be made during the course as the tutors will explain.

Full details, other information and booking forms will be available soon and we hope you will find much to cheer up your Christmas holiday.
Lydia Hill.