Christmas course cancelled

Dear Holiday Orchestra members, parents and carers,

It is with enormous regret that we have to inform you that our 2021 Christmas Course, due to start next Monday, has now been cancelled. We are very sorry to have to let so many people down and the decision was very finely balanced. The Committee spent two hours of argument and analysis of the dangers and problems caused by the current runaway surge of the omicron Covid virus before being obliged by the very shortness of time (only three days) to come to a firm decision.

The Committee, the tutors and the Music Director have all found it painful to have to worry about the safety of so many children, tutors and all their families while at the same time wanting to provide music and happiness for young people.

We are offering you all a complete refund, although donations would be very helpful. We cannot offer to keep your payments for a future course as it makes our accounts too complicated. There will, barring a further emergency, be a Holiday Orchestra Course at Easter.

West Road Concert Hall has very generously offered to waive our fee in the event of cancellation, and the tutors, as stated on their contracts, will receive half of their normal pay. We are hoping to get some money from the Government to tide us over this difficult time.

Our sincere apologies to you all and please do come back to Holiday Orchestra as soon as we all can meet in reasonable safety,


Lydia Hill and the Committee of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra Association.

A few practicalities:

  1. We will set up a form to capture the information needed for refunds. Please bear with us as we get this ready, we will send out a link as soon as possible. Refunds have to be processed one by one by our treasurer and she has a job and a family, but we will be as quick as we can. If anyone needs their refund urgently to pay for alternative childcare please email me and we will sort something out.
  2. If you have not already done so, please email to confirm you have seen this message. We want to be sure that nobody turns up on Monday to an empty building, and we will phone people on Sunday if we haven’t heard from them, but the fewer phone calls we have to make the better.