Bookings open for Easter 2020

Hello to all Holiday Orchestra people.

Our Easter Course is now fully organised and we have lots of exciting
things to offer. As always at Easter we cater more for the younger
children – the older ones are supposed to be working for their exams
(!) – so the course runs from 9.30am to 1.20pm. We shall be at The
Perse School’s Performing Arts Centre from Monday 6th April to
Thursday 9th April, in very pleasant surroundings and usually with
plenty of parking. Our Course Director is the ever-popular David
Minchin and he has gathered a brilliant team of tutors. On Wednesday
8th April at 1.30pm the djembe drumming sections will be presenting
their work to parents and carers and on Thursday 9th April the main
presentations will be in the afternoon.

As always we have our core activities of string groups, bands and choirs
plus many other things of note. We are delighted that our folk-dancing
specialists, after last year’s first-time great success, have agreed to
come back and do it all again – such fun, such good exercise and so good
for the sense of rhythm. Recorders will be taught in two ways: the usual
two groups of experienced players and also a new group for absolute
beginners. This is necessarily a small group! Please bring a named
descant recorder, although we have a few we can lend. Our taster
instrument this time is the viola – the butt of many an orchestral joke,
which only shows how important it is. More mellow than the violin,
easier to carry than the ‘cello, not usually required to do the scary
stuff like the violins, and always welcome in an orchestra, the viola is
an instrument to be proud of. Come and try it and fall in love.

As you know, we depend very much on Parent Helpers to keep our
child/adult ratios straight, to help with the registers and to help deal
with any problems that may arise. We have a wonderful team of people who
come back willingly time after time and have become very much part of
Holiday Orchestra. However, we would like to encourage new people to
give it a try. No musical knowledge is needed but we always try to
accommodate people’s preferences for particular sections. We also have
tea, coffee and biscuits…..

On a sterner note, at our last course one of the presentations was
seriously disrupted by a noisy toddler running about. This is not really
fair on the children who have worked so hard and behaved so well all
week. If you have a small child who might become bored, please sit at
the back of the auditorium and make a swift exit with the child if
things become difficult. Thank you.

Looking forward to another happy time of music-making, we hope to see
you there.

Lydia Hill, Chairman of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra.