Bookings now open for Summer 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Members of Holiday Orchestra. we are now very happy to announce our plans for this year’s Summer Course.

Our guess is that some precautions for Covid safety will still be advisable and since the West Road site belongs to the University of Cambridge we are following their current rules for occupancy.

Two big decisions have been made: first, regretfully, to have no presentations at the ends of the course (always very crowded); and second, in order to accommodate as many children as possible, despite limited occupancy, we will run two courses of three days each, August 23 – 25 and 26 – 28, which will be almost identical.

We are also trying to minimise unnecessary mixing of the children while still offering a good range of opportunities for making music together, and to this end have devised a streaming system.

The streams (red, green and blue) are based on levels of expertise on orchestral instruments, more or less corresponding with our pre-Covid groups of Training Strings/Band (Red Stream), Intermediate Strings/Band (Blue Stream) and Upper Strings/Band (Green Stream). Each participant will therefore belong to a stream and their mornings will consist of three music sessions with short breaks in between. They will have their instrumental group, a choir, and a choice of five activities for the remaining session.

As explained above, we are running these mornings as two courses of three days each. The difference between Course 1 and Course 2 will be in the afternoons when we will run our full orchestras. Course 1 afternoons will be for Lower Orchestra and Course 2 afternoons for Upper Orchestra.

We are sorry not to be able to provide a stream for children who do not yet play an instrument to Red Stream level – there is simply not enough space. Such children may apply to the Red Stream in hopes of joining the choir and the 5x activity choice but will have to be on a waiting list until we have some idea of numbers.

If you don’t mind which Course you join, you can leave it to Fiona to allocate your place
according to numbers.

We really hope that within the restrictions and uncertainties we shall see the spirit of Holiday Orchestra inspiring children to make music together and heal some of the pain of the last 18 months.

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