Bookings now open for Christmas 2019

Hello to everyone supportive of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra.

We are very happy to present the programme for our Christmas course which is as full of good things as a Christmas stocking! We have not one but two maestros (maestri?) to inspire us – Russell Keable, our wonderful Music Director will be running the course, while Finan Jones, who was so popular last year, will be conducting the Orchestra and tutoring the bands.

Meanwhile, every space around the West Road Concert Hall will be filled with Holiday Orchestra activity. Stu Hanna will bring us more folk music and some ukuleles, Stephanie Reeve will be directing a saxophone choir and we also plan to offer taster sessions on the French horn. The horn is arguably the hardest of the brass instruments to play but in return it makes a sound of ethereal beauty and purity. As always, there will be three string groups, three bands, two choirs, percussion games, gamelan, recorders and the Christmas orchestra. The orchestra is planning to play Stravinsky’s thrilling Firebird Suite and our very own commission Hogmanay by Kelvin Towse, combining orchestra and choir. We shall be needing some adult singers!

A few housekeeping points. Firstly, the general register, for signing in and out of the building, is of vital importance for tracing every child, for instance in the event of a fire. Even if you are only going out for half an hour, please sign out and then sign in again. Otherwise a firefighter might risk their life looking for a child within a burning building when in fact that child is safe elsewhere. Secondly, food mess on the floor is sometimes a problem for the West Road cleaner. Please do ask your child to be careful. Thirdly, although folk music in different parts of the world uses any and every instrument, we have to say that Holiday Orchestra folk sessions cannot include brass instruments nor saxophones.

The course is spread on both sides of New Year – 30th and 31st December plus 2nd and 3rd January. There can’t be a better way of starting 2020, so do come and join us at West Road for our Christmas Course 2019/2020.

Lydia Hill
Chairman, Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra

Please sign up, or just browse the course schedule, at: