Bookings open for Christmas 2016 course!

Hello to all Holiday Orchestra members and friends

Christmas is coming (!) and with it comes Holiday Orchestra’s Christmas/New Year Course. This year we shall be at the West Road Concert Hall from December 27th to December 30th inclusive.  Trevor Barlow, our Course Director for Christmas for the last several years, has decided to take a well-earned break from the job but we are very pleased to be able to say that David Minchin has enthusiastically stepped into the breach.  Many of you already know David as a Brass tutor and, much as we shall miss Trevor, we are sure David will be a brilliant Director.  As strings are not his thing, we have persuaded Steve Bingham, local violinist and conductor extraordinaire, to come and tutor the strings and Orchestra.  This should be really exciting, and he will also give us a recital/demonstration of his amazing violin – plus electronics – at lunchtime on Thursday 29th. Also on that day, at 11 am, we shall be holding our AGM in the foyer at West Road.  We very much hope you will be able to attend.

Other news: we were disappointed in the summer that Iain Mann was too busy to help us, but now he is back with his amazing ‘Folk For Fun’ for all-comers, plus a new offering – ‘Gypsy Swing’ for Grade 4 and up on suitable instruments.  Ukulele enthusiasts, aged 11 and over and of at least Grade 3 standard on any instrument, are invited to join him after lunch.

Also new is Anthony Paul’s ‘Body Percussion’ which promises to be genuinely funny as well as fun!  Adam Dopadlik’s Advanced Recorders, which produced some lovely music in the summer, is set to continue as an advanced ensemble.

Everything else which you expect from Holiday Orchestra is there as usual, providing a sense of progress through the world of music.  The Orchestra, in many ways the culmination of this progress, will no doubt be inspired to play with the joy of youth , and will send us off into 2017 in good spirits.

The Committee is now looking for a new member.  Jyoti Khadake, who has looked after our website for five years, together with sorting the second-hand music sales, has taken on some exciting new roles at her work and cannot always be in the right time and place for Holiday Orchestra.  The website, obviously, is very important and needs to be kept up to date on a rolling basis.  However, the work involved is purely to take things off and put things on, all of which are provided by other members of the Committee, so no deeper knowledge of our workings is required. Please get in touch online if you would like to know more, or come and see us at the desk during the Course or at the AGM.  We would be very grateful.

Meanwhile, we hope you will find plenty to enjoy in this programme and we look forward to seeing you in the last days of the year. The online booking system can be found here.


Lydia Hill, Chairman of Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra